Image by Jamie Hunter Photography

Image by Jamie Hunter Photography

Jamie Hunter

I am a Captor of Moments, a Creator of Fairytales.

I am a photographer, licensed within Alberta.

I'm inspired by faerie and folk tales, literary characters, quotes, lyrics and my favorite geeky fandoms. 

I often have blue hair.  

I have tattoos and piercings, some of which will probably make appearances during shoots. 

My personal soundtrack would include Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, Regina Spektor, David Bowie, Something Corporate, Diana Vickers and Frank Sinatra. 

I like classic films, including silent films as well as those in black and white. 

Ray Bradbury and Catherynne Valente speak to my soul. 

I hate making phone calls. 

My biggest dream is to visit Japan. 

I specialize in capturing the unscripted, unposed, natural moments. The ones that you may have missed otherwise, the ones you wish that you could hold forever. 

It's lifestyle, with a little storytelling. It's the beauty in the unexpected and everyday. 

Newborns and specialty sessions will be more posed but will remain within my style of photography. 

I hope that you will let me capture your moments.