Remembering - Edmonton Family Photography

I have been a bit absent from here... This is why.

My life is run on routine. Things have to be done in an order, as they have been.

Until little over 2 weeks ago, my days started with loud, impatient meowing. I'd rush from bed, hoping that my daughter hadn't been woken up and stumbling, I'd feed my very hungry kitty.  

My days ended with trying not to trip over her in the darkness after saying goodnight and running through my night time routines.  

The first and last stops during the grocery shopping trips were always for our cat.

2 weeks ago today, that all stopped and my heart is broken. 


Let me tell you about Myth.

She would have been 7 in January.

She was already a crotchety old lady. She feared people and felt the need to protect us from anyone who came to our house. She didn't like people outside of our little family and she tolerated those that often visited us. She defended us from everyone else.

When my daughter was born, Myth stood guard in the doorway of Llusion's room all night. If Llusion cried, Myth would come and get me. Myth slept near her until she was 3.

When we first got her, we lived in a house with stairs. She was so tiny that she couldn't actually get up and down the stairs on her own. We had to carry her back and forth.  

She liked to look out the livingroom window and watch the birds. She never meowed at them, instead choosing to make high pitched squeals and clicks at them. It was funny to watch.  

She didn't like going outside until a couple of years ago. We put in a garden this year and she quickly claimed 2 spots as hers. Beside the barley and under Llusion's sunflowers.  

She was incredibly quiet, except when she was hungry or lonely.

She would knock on the bathroom door to wake me up. If that didn't work, she would go to Llusion's room and cry as loudly as she could. 

She never stayed mad long. 

She only liked to eat fish.  

Sometimes, she slept beside me. Cuddling like a little baby, sleeping on her side, using my arm as a pillow. Other times she held my legs down.

I am used to starting and ending my day with her. She was one of my children, my first baby. We made trips based around how long she could handle being alone by herself (she didn't like being alone).

My house feels weird without her here. It's too quiet. We miss her.