A Little Bit Of Holiday - Edmonton Family Photography

I love these two.

Sometimes saying much else is hard. I do love them. I've been friends with them for awhile now, though exactly how long I won't say.

And on this day, we decided that we needed a little Christmas. So out came the ornaments and into the very blustery day we went!

I won't show more then this for now, I wouldn't want to ruin any surprises for holiday cards. but we did have fun decorating the trees and stealing freshly baked Christmas cookies. 

Edmonton Family Photographer

Edmonton Photographer

The End of Autumn - Edmonton Family Photography

This session happened before Halloween, which is why it's still all lovely and golden. This family and I took a stroll around the John Janzen Nature Center to capture moments. We had fun playing in leaves and boy oh boy was there a lot of them.

We walked and talked, discovered things we have in common (attachment parenting ftw!) and just let the little guy be himself. I hope that I'll get to see this beautiful family again! 

Edmonton Family Photographer

Edmonton Photographer

Christmas Mini Sessions - Edmonton Family Photography

I know, I know, it's not even Halloween yet and here I am telling you about Christmas mini sessions. Please believe me, I do understand. Though sometimes things need to be planned in advance. Like Christmas cards. It won't be long now before we are knee deep in gift shopping and the pace of the mail system will show why it's often called snail mail.

This will be the last mini sessions I offer until Spring. And they'll be holiday themed! I'll be bringing along props and setting up some decorations to give a holiday feel to your images. Perfect for gifting, cards, and to just spread that joyous feeling throughout the season!  

November 16th and 17th.  

Taking place the Mactaggart Sanctuary.

Spaces must be booked in advance.  

Available times each day: 









Edmonton Photographer

Edmonton Family Photographer

Thankful - Edmonton Maternity Photography

All of my sessions are special to me. I am thankful for every client that trusts me with their memories. I'm thankful for everyone who likes the images I create and for those who allow me into their lives for a short time. This session is special to me for a number of reasons. The first being that this is a dear friend of mine and soon she's going to be the mom of a beautiful baby girl. The second being that I shot her wedding in September 2012. That is 2 pretty incredible life moments that I have gotten to document and really it means the world to me. The little girl who will make this woman a mother for the first time is coming into a family filled with love, and her arrival is eagerly awaited.

Edmonton Maternity Photographer

Edmonton Photographer

One Autumn Afternoon Part 6 - Edmonton Family Photography

Just look at this bright and bubbly family. So much energy and excitement came with their session! I really love when families are willing to be silly and have fun with their photos. I think it shows more truth and more beauty. And these guys were not of smiles and happiness for their session. I hope that I'll get to see them again! 

Edmonton Family Photographer

Edmonton Photographer

One Autumn Afternoon Part 5 - Edmonton Family Photography

This little guy wasn't too sure about me or the fedora wearing secret agent platapus that sits on the end of my camera. But I think we captured some beautiful moments for his family. They were so much fun, being silly and playing, just being themselves and letting me capture it. I hope that I'll get to photograph them again!

Edmonton Family Photographer

Edmonton Photographer

One Autumn Afternoon Part 4 - Edmonton Family Photography

This family is pretty special in my books. Why? Because that's one of my beautiful sisters in law with her kids! He was always on the go, searching the woods, shaking leaves from the trees, and turning sticks into swords. She wasn't feeling that good, so seriousness ruled the day, as well as cuddles from her mommy.

Edmonton Family Photographer

Edmonton Photographer



One Autumn Afternoon Part 3 - Edmonton Couples Photography

Let's take a moment to talk about how cute these two are together, shall we? This was their first photo shoot together, and I hope that it won't be their last! They completely rocked it. I don't get the opportunity to shoot couples that often but it can be a lot of fun, especially when you are as happy as these two.

Edmonton Couples Photographer

Edmonton Portrait Photography

One Autumn Afternoon Part 2 - Edmonton Family Photography

This wasn't my first time meeting this lovely family. I have been photographing this little charmer since he was 3 months old. Which, in my books, makes me a pretty lucky photographer. We had so much fun exploring the through the trees, still holding their leaves. There was a ball and some catch. Just some time in an autumn kissed park with a family enjoying being together. What could be better then that?

Edmonton Child Photographer

Edmonton Family Photographer

One Autumn Afternoon Part 1 - Edmonton Family Photography

On a cool Autumn afternoon I met with some beautiful families for mini sessions. This family was first up and aren't those girls just adorable?! They certainly made me work for those smiles but we had so much fun!


Edmonton Family Photography



1979 - Edmonton Child Photography

My mother is not one for dresses or fancy frocks. So when we were visiting and I saw this beautiful dress amongst sparkling fabric, resting at the very back of her closet, I knew we just had to use it for something. 

This one is special. It's why it was hiding in the closet. This is my mother's prom dress, from 1979. It's one of those dresses that only gets worn once. It was definitely time to bring it out again.

We pinned it back on my daughter and went out to pose in Grammie's dress. I fell in love with what we captured together. I hope that you will like them too.