Pheonix Reborn - Edmonton Portrait Photography

"There was a silly damn bird called a phoenix back before Christ, every few hundred years he built a pyre and burnt himself up. He must have been first cousin to man. But every time he burnt himself up he sprang out of the ashes, he got himself born all over again. And it looks like we're doing the same thing, over and over, but we've got one damn thing the phoenix never had. We know the damn silly thing we just did."

Oh Mr. Bradbury, how your words inspire my creativity. That quote is from the novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

If you've never read the novel, firstly, get yourself to a library or bookstore! It's set in a dark future, one where firemen start fires instead of putting them out. They burn books and the government considers them to be dangerous things. But one fireman changes everything.

“We're going to meet a lot of lonely people in the next week and the next month and the next year. And when they ask us what we're doing, you can say, We're remembering. That's where we'll win out in the long run. And someday we'll remember so much that we'll build the biggest goddamn steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in it and cover it up.”

Jamie Hunter

Edmonton Photographer